Gun Control doesnt exist anymore.

Well at least it doesn't in my town. Who am I kidding, the entire United States is out of control. Let me tell you why I'm angry before you gun lovers judge me. I live in a small quiet town out side of Dallas and it really is my home sweet home.I absolutely love it here. It has all the small Texas town charm you could want yet many of the big city amenities.

 We have everything here from big box stores, famous retailers, to the small and might I add thriving mom and pop stores. What we don't have much of here is crime. Or I should say violent crime. Every now and then you hear of a car break in or maybe a home burglary. But that is about it. Well, actually there was a murder a few months ago, but it was the first murder in this town in over 50 years and this case shook the entire town to its core. It is unheard of and the community came out in droves to show support of the victims family. It really brought out what I love so much about my community. Solidarity.

Last Saturday my husband and I decided that we would take advantage of our free weekends with out the food truck hustle to take in a movie at the local Cinemark. We had to catch the late night show at 10pm since we had missed the earlier showing. No problem, the baby sitter was ready and more than happy to stay up a little late. As we enter the theatre we notice that there is only one other couple in there and were excited at the thought of having the entire room practically to ourselves. No, loud obnoxious teens, no crying babies, no antsy toddlers, and those are just my own kids. So, we sit down and start to dig in to the best part about going to the movies, the popcorn.

But before my husband chooses his seat he looks up at the rather large man in the row behind us and notices that he is wearing a gun holster, and no, the holster is not empty. He is carrying a concealed hand gun on his side like a cowboy in a wild west flick. Being that I am a licenced gun owner I don't have to terribly big of a problem with this cowboy, especially with all that's been going on in the world.

Don't get me wrong, I was a little unnerved, not knowing what his intentions were but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided that he is probably just exercising his right to bare arms. But then it hit me, is it even legal to carry a weapon on the movie theatre premises? I started to scan my memory looking for a sign that would have said if it is legal or not. I couldn't remember. So, I tried to shake off my nerves but just as we are beginning to enjoying the buttery goodness in the bucket before us, we hear noises coming from the row behind us.

It sounds like a metal and hard plastic being moved around and adjusted. Immediately the sound registers, remember I am a gun owner. I know very well what cocking a gun sounds like. I know what a clip sounds like when it is being inserted or removed from the gun itself. I also know when some one is checking the chamber to see if the gun is loaded or not; and these were all of the sounds I was hearing right behind me.

The cowboy behind us was playing with his weapon. At this point my nervous tinge became anger. How dare he! How dare this man, play with his gun in a theatre while my husband and I sat in the row in front of him. No we were not directly in from of him but a bullet doesn't care in chich direction it is being pointed. For all I know he had it pointed directly at me. I dared not look. I kept my calm and decided that this cowboy may just have been trying to intimidate my husband and I.

Oh but he wasn't, I grew up in a barrio where gunshots rang out a few times a week and every single weekend. Guns and gunfire are nothing new to me. But, what he was doing was pissing me off. I have kids at home who went to sleep with the reassurance that mommy and daddy would be home right after the movie was over. They need not fret. All was right in the world when we left them. If they knew how close we could have been to something going terribly wrong, I fear these kids would never let us out of their site again.

Luckily we were down to half a bucket of popcorn and I had promised my girls I would bring them back a bucket full of that buttery goodness, so I decided that I was going to get a refill. On the way, I asked one of the guys that worked at there if carrying concealed hand guns is allowed at that theatre. In an instant a look of surprise and fear came across the young mans face. Quickly he told his superior who quickly told the Uniformed officer on duty. They came into the theatre after me and approached the man. This is when fear crept into my cool and calm body.

I was afraid that this man would become angry and all hell would break loose. Well thankfully nothing of the sort happened. I heard a few words exchange between him and the uniformed officer and then the officer exited the theatre with out a word or the man in tow. A few minutes later I had to go to the bathroom, it seems that the extra large drink caught up to me and I had to excuse myself again. On the way to the restroom I calmly asked the young man what he found out. He said, "oh, he's a cop". I replied with a simple OH and continued on my way to the restroom.

I went back into the movie and watched the rest of it with out another thought. I for some reason was OK with knowing the man was an cop. But then, the thoughts began to creep right back into my head. Even if he was a cop, what right did he have to play with his weapon? NONE!

The anger began to creep right back in. He was a poor excuse for an officer if that is the behavior he was demonstrating in a public place. So far I have not decided what I should do. I have been told that I should report this to the local news, that I should call the police officers Superior to inform him that one of his officers was behaving this way and that the other let him off the hook, being that they are in a brotherhood and all.

So as of right now. I'm stumped. I called the theatre and asked if they indeed have a sign and the manager on duty said that they do. So now, the rest is up to me. Like I said. I'm a licenced gun owner, my husband is as well. But we know how irresponsible it is to carry a loaded weapon and then play with it in such a public place. My point is this is where we need the dreaded GUN CONTROL advocates to speak up. Or maybe I just have.

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