Tired and all Mutton busted out

This weekend like last week end and the weekend before was a busy one. Its almost too boring to even write about, but, I'm gonna anyway.

We had another event in a small town called Justin Texas. And let me tell you, the characters we saw there were funny. Have you ever heard of the walmart-ians? Well I would like to call these few, the rodeos clowns, and they weren't even in the rodeo. Ok, so the event was small and so was the rodeo, but the mutton busting oh the mutton busting was hilarious!

If your not from the south or from a cowboy having town you may not know what mutton busting is. If not, then your in for a funny surprise as you read on.
So, at this point I'm kinda hoping that you at least know what bronco busting is because I'm no professional cowgirl, although come to think of it  that would be kinda awesome.  So in a very simplified explanation (because this is basically all I know about it) Bronco busting is when a cowboy rides a crazed horse (bronco) while said animal kicks and bucks trying to get the human off of his back. Now imagine this but in child size. Ok, so, mutton busting is the same concept as the bronco busting, but in this case, a child rides a crazed sheep. Actually the sheep are pretty docile, until a cowboy gives it a good spank on the rear and makes it start bucking.....while the child is on its back. Yes, you read that right, the child, about 4-7 years old will be on the back of the sheep as it begins to buck and kick. It usually only lasts about 3 seconds, since unlike the grown men on broncos, small children are not capable of holding on for dear life for very long.

So a creepy looking clown and a nice looking cowboy help the kids mount the sheep and then the child who holds on the longest wins. They usually win a prize, anywhere from a trophy to an envelope with cold hard cash.

I actually don't know how much they won at this event, all I do know is that, although this sounds disturbing,  the kids much to my surprise were enjoying every minute of the event. the crowd was cheering them on, the clown was acting crazy and they got to ride a sheep. What kid does not like to play horsey or ride on someones back pretending to be on a horse? My kids love it.  I posted a youtube link so you can see what mutton busting is all about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y41miWWNxs

So the day and event ended up being a success for the food truck, the mutton busting was a success for a few young children, the ice cream my kiddos got to have while watching all of this was also a yummy success. I'd say all in all the day was great!

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