Thursday a Good luck Charlie & random thought kind of day.

Its Thursday, and it is a crazy busy day for me.  Had lots of shopping for our food truck today. Tomorrow I will start the official cooking of the SALSA.

Right now I just had to sit down and take a break because the kids are screaming and fighting. Uhm, yes, that's pretty usual but maybe it wasn't a good idea to initiate a no tv for a day, day, today. Did that even make sense?

So of course  I gave in, and a peaceful quiet has taken over the house.  I don't think I'll be trying that again anytime soon. I'm not that strong, I just cant do it all alone. The TV is my friend.  And you know what, Good Luck Charlie is actually a very funny show. I like to think that I'm as funny as the mom on that show. I know I'm not as sarcastic as she is...haha, yep, that was me trying to be funny and sarcastic all at the same time. Sarcasm...kinda loses its spunk when its in writing. Oh well.

Ok, so random thoughts for today.  Just to give you an idea at my not so random randomness,  I mowed the lawn yesterday as an early fathers day gift for the hubs. He loved it by the way, and actually, I highly recommend this gift for your hubs, even if you don't do it and pay the neighborhood kids to do it, it will be a big relief for your man.

  • My neighbors yard smells like DOG POOP! I cant even walk by with out gagging!
  • My new neighbors across the alley have two new dogs...and their yard also smells like DOG POOP!
  • My across the street neighbor lets her dog out late at night and it runs across the street to poop in my neighbors yard...that already has dog poop....and she thinks no one knows. But I know...oh do I know!
  • I love love love Dogs...I hate hate hate dog poop!

(by the way...I have NO dogs)

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