Another week Another Food truck event

Well, Its looking more and more like I will only be able to write about once a week.
It's not that I don't enjoy blogging, I do. I just cant seem to find a moment other than at midnight to write. I have so much to say most days but, I like many of you moms out there know, its just so hard to squeeze out a few minutes to just do mommy things.....during normal hours.

Instead I'm here, in bed, with a sleeping baby in the crib next to me while I have my face so close to the screen of this little net book, that my arms are bowed out like a giant, and my fingers are beginning to cramp, and don't get me started on the neck pain and eye strain. By the way, never realized what poor lighting the background television provides. Note to self; I may lose my 20/20 if I keep this up.

Anyway, so about the food truck event. Last week I mentioned that we will be having back to back events for the next two months. Its pretty exciting. I think we have a really good idea of what works and what doesn't so far.  For example, we tried to introduce the Mexican style corn in a cup. For those of you who may not know what this is, its pretty simple and pretty yummy. It is a cup of corn, covered in hot melted butter, sprinkled with a Parmesan like cheese, then a squirt of lime juice then a dollop of sour cream, then its topped off with a swirly squeeze of mild red salsa.  It really is a fun and yummy snack that you can easily walk around an art fair with and eat with a spoon. 

Well, if it sounds yummy to you, I promise it is. But, as much as I promise many people of non-Mexican descent have no idea what this is and are a little scared to try it. I don't blame you. I am hesitant to try dishes that I have never heard of. But my thing is, ITS CORN. Who doesn't like corn? Who would be afraid of corn? Well I guess plenty of the people are, or at least the folks who attend the festivals we have catered.

So, since we have had an average of ONE sale per event we have decided to take it off of our menu. It was a valiant try though. We even went online and bought a cute corn guy decal and put him right on the front of the truck too, but, it just didn't do anything to help the poor little unwanted corn in a cup.

So, I end this blog with a fond fare well to the Mexican style cup-o-corn. We, the crew of La Rosita enjoyed having you around, and although no one wanted to taste you, we did. We would snack on you on our lunch breaks, we always gave you to the kids of La Rosita. I hope you know that YOU o sweet whole kernel corn, will not be forgotten. Actually, your absence will make my heart grow fonder, because yes, I love you Mexican style cup-o-corn. I truly do.

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