Susan G.Komen..you suck

Ok, well Susan herself and the millions of women who suffer from breast cancer DO NOT SUCK.
Its what the Komen foundation did and does that sucks.

Im not going to go into detail for detail about everything they do.

Look, this is just a personal post with tid bits of info to hopefully open your eyes enough so that you would want to do your own research.

So, I'm sure you have heard Komen stopped giving $$$ to planned parenthood. Why? According to Komen, because PPH is under investigation for using federal money to perform abortions. I don't know the entire facts on this, not sure anyone knows yet since its still under investigation. So I wont go into that. Yet.  According to PPH, Komen stopped due to pressure from conservatives and politics....Republicans. Komen insists that their decision was not made because they were being pressured by politics. They insist and made very public announcements that they were not pressured and are standing by their decision to stop supporting Planed Parenthood.

PPH does however use money from Komen to perform abortions. How do I know this you ask?  Well, I don't, what I do know is, that Komen gives money to PPH and PPH uses the money as they see fit. They do not earmark their donations so there is no record for the public as to where and what they use it on. So whoes to say that they aren't using money from Komen on abortions? Only Planned Parent hood knows for sure. 

And now, today, after standing their ground and betting tough with all who disapprove of their action, Komen has given in to the "backlash." What? Yep, they decided today that the will reverse their decision and continue to support PPH.

I'm not sure whats more upsetting, the fact that after a great stance for their beliefs Komen caved. They gave in, the media outrage the PPH organization pressure was overwhelming, or that PPH wins and they will continue to use money for breast exams on abortions instead.

I'm a Catholic mother of three GOD GIVEN Children. So, I'm sure I don't have to tell you where I stand on abortion.

BUT, I will tell you, I do not pretend to be perfect. With me you will always know where you stand. With me you will not have to guess at what I mean when I say something. With me if you are looking for a fight, you will get a fight. I will stand my ground and I will not back down.

I guess that is another one of my problems with Komen. I have lost all respect for the good that they do, do because, if you really investigate Komen, you will find that they support Kentucky Fried Chicken, an unhealthy food chain to say the least, they create products with known carcinogens in them i.e a "pink" perfume and worst of all they focus more on image and marketing all that cute pink stuff than keeping women healthy and safe....and now, more than they care about the lives of unborn CHILDREN.

Komen, I was so ready to put on a pink t-shirt but, your image just got another huge stain on it.... the blood of babies who will never be born.

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