MY sick kids stink

Did that get your attention?

Ok, first of all let me state that I ADORE MY CHILDREN! THEY ARE MY WORLD  with that said, I'm going to tell you all the ways my kids stink when they are sick. Because, you know, I'm the only mom who has ever gone through this.

They get so puny and miserable. They get so snotty and sticky. They get high fevers, they get diareah. They get runny noses, they get stuffy noses. They get headaches, tummy aches and they get earaches. They get diaper rashes, they get itchy rashes.  They get soar throats, they get toe hurts. They get bug bites, they get up all night. They get bumps, they get bruises. They bite their tongue, they bite their cheek. They even bite their finger, hard, when they eat.

Yes, they get all of this. I Thank god that most of the time they only get these one or two at a time. I thank God that that is all we have ever struggled with.  What I do often think about are the moms who have lost their children. I think of the moms who wish they could have just one more sleepless night snuggling with their snot nosed coughing child. The mom who longs for the endless loads of laundry that come with upset tummies.

So today I write this in memory of all of the sweet children that have passed away. Especially the two who my dear friend ( A mother of a 7 year old beating Leukemia, who I have written about before, check the archives.) mourns today..... 15 month old Sophia from Texas who died of Leukemia  1 week ago and 12 year old Ashton also from Texas who also died of cancer just a few days after Sophia. They were not related and didn't know each other. But they spent many days in the  same ICU of Children's Medical Center in Dallas along with many other children fighting this horrid disease.  May they rest in peace now, may they play in the gardens of heaven and never have to feel the pain of needles and chemo again. May they feel the warmth of Gods embrace and may their mothers feel the same, because one day they will meet again.

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