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We got Direct Tv and I have really enjoyed it. It has been a while since we have had television service, just because I never felt like we could really afford it. My neighbors told me about a good deal that they had gotten. We decided that we could handle the extra overhead each month and got it. One thing that I missed that I love doing in the morning is watching the Today Show. He have an HD television, so it comes it beautiful and clear each morning from “Rockerfeller Plaza”. My parents always watched the Today Show in the mornings before they went to work and I love doing the same. It has the world and national news, but also mixes in light hearted things that I love to watch in the morning. They have special guest interviews and also have chefs on the show. If I could think of my absolute dream job, it would be to be an anchor on Today. Maybe in my next lifetime I’ll get a journalism degree!

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