Gourmet Coffee while blogging. Sounds like the ultimate way to either start or end my day.
When I first started blogging. I had no clue what to do, where to start or what to say, so I just sat down at my desk with a warm cup of joe and thought. I thought about all the things going on in the world. I thought of all the crazy things my children were up to.

I'm not sure how many of you feel this way, but I can not drink coffee straight or black. I have to have it with lots of sugar, creamer, and milk. If I feel like indulging a little, I add specialty creamers like French vanilla (my fav), hazelnut, or even chocolate cherry.

I'll be honest. Most of the time, I INDULGE..

But coffee at that famous coffee joint with the green circular icon, is quite expensive, so I try to make my own coffee at home. I started researching gourmet coffee on the web and found this awesome site called ROASTe.COM. They offer so many different types of coffee, I don't know where to start.


If your looking for micro-brew, they have it. If your looking of espresso, they have it. If your looking for single origin coffee beans, what do ya know, they have it.  They also have tons of gadgets for the real coffee enthusiast. From coffee makers to grinders and even the awesome combo set, grinder and maker. They even have milk frothers and filters. Look, you name it they - ROASTe.COM has it. I have a list of things I intend to purchase. I hope you take a minute to check them out. I should be honest though. If you like your coffee and you like all that coffee is, you WILL NOT spend only a minute on this site, so I suggest you make yourself a cup-o-joe, slip into your favorite chair and get comfy, because once you enter this site, you will wish that you had the top of the line stuff  you will feel like your actually in one of those expensive coffee joints.

Oh, and best of all. Roaste.com is offering FREE shipping on ALL orders over $35. You can also use this code to get $5 off your first purchase - BLOGME5.  Not bad if you ask me.

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