Hello every one! I have a short post today.

I want to start by thanking all of you who stopped by to read my Daughters poem that was linked to my last post.

I also wanted to thank AngelBaby for a beautiful award. The picture you see above was awarded to me last week and I after I thanked Angel I explained to her that although I know I am a queen and that I run my "queendom", that I would still have to run this by my family. I did, needless to say they all laughed and continued to do so as the day wore on. So, I decided that I will keep my picture of the queen. I will also continue to believe that I truly am the queen of my domain and I will never tell them again! Who needs that kind of treatment?? HAHA

I would also like to say HELLO to Amanda from allaboutthegreen.com. (Amanda I commented back to your comments on my last post) She has been on hiatus and stopped by just to say HI which I thought was extremely nice of her. She is truly missed in our blogosphere. I cant wait for the day she is able to come back.

Now I'm off to find a spot for our playgroup to meet, since it has been raining and will continue to be raining all week this is sure to be a task.

Take care! Thanks again for stopping by

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