Ok, OK
I know what your thinking.. not another post about her freeking contest. So I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. I'm here to say that the contest is over. I finished in first place and now I'm waiting. And waiting, and waiting. The web site says that they are awaiting final calculations. I don't know why the wait, isn't is obvious? The numbers are right there! I mean how hard is it to figure out who was in first, second and third and so on, the number is right next to the article. Ok so Im being over dramatic, but thats what it says, and thats how I feel. And thats that. I will keep you all posted on the final results as soon as I know. Thanks to all of you who have left such great comments of support!
On another note. I wanted to tell you all that I have many post that I have written in my short time as a blogger. Some of them I am extremely proud of, and some of them are extremely personal (they may make you cry, I did) So please feel free to look in my archives and read away. I hope you all enjoy your stay.

I kept this post short so you can still be able to see that cool PIC of the women fighters, below..Isn't it awsome. I found it on the web, take a look let me know what ya think.


Christine said...

congrats on the first place victory. can't wait to get the final confirmation!!

and thanks for the great comment on my latest post. all in fun...

CresceNet said...

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Tot's Mom said...

First time here. Yes, saw the pic of the fighting women. That looks very aggressive. Sometimes, I do wonder how people can fight like that, even if it's just a sport.

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