I found this as I rummaged through the closet that is my post archive. I really wanted to put it up again for all of my new visitors to read. I wrote a poem, that I am really, really proud of. I think it symbolizes everything that encompasses a WOMAN.
Take a read, there is a window here. The window is into me and who I am. Every now and then I get lost in the blogosphere and forget why I write. This is why I write, because this is whats inside of me. Here it is, and here I am

Hello every one,
I don't know how many of you know this about me but, I enjoy writing. I wanted to be a writer as a young girl, but never thought I would be good enough. I would compare my songs to Mariah's (her early work) or other singers and knew that I couldn't compete with that.
I would read books and knew I couldn't write stories like that. I read poetry and could not seem to come up with poems that didn't start with roses are red. Its not that I didn't have encouragement in my life because I did. Writing was just one of those things I kept to myself and didn't give anyone a chance to encourage or discourage. I stopped writing for many years. I, like many people got caught up in life and just rolled with it, never really looking back.
I guess time and experience really does improve ones sight. And I am not talking about actual vision. I'm talking about seeing the world and what it really has to offer. Seeing trials and tribulations through an adults perspective.
I found this website a few months ago where you can get paid to write.
So, I looked into it and put it on my back burner like so many other things a mother has to put off. But a while back I finally took some time to myself and attempted writing. I must say it was a challenge. I guess I had a 15 year writers block.
When I wrote, I began to get the rhythm and just let it all flow. A few of my writings were top rated but ended up falling a bit to better writers, so they say.
Well, today I posted my latest piece. It is a poem that I entered just for fun. I am going to paste it below this post. I hope you all enjoy it, it is just something I threw together in one night so bare with me. Let me know what you think. And if you want to know where you can write and make money, leave me your email and I will send you an invitation from the actual website.
Thank you all,

Here I am
I am a woman
I am strong yet I am fragile
Like a precious piece of glass I can break.
Here I am
I am a woman
I am not a man
My arms may not lift what he can
The strength in my arms cannot be measured in weight
The strength my arms have can only be seen
In the gentle embrace that instantly soothes the child who cries and yearns to be found
Here I am
I am a woman
I give life like the Earth
The Earth is me and I am her
I am a woman
Listen as the birds sing for me
Look at the trees they sway but do not break in the fierce winds for me
I am a woman
Look at the moon it is blue for me
It pushes and pulls the tide for me
I am a woman
And there would be no you
With out me


Kimmylyn said...

Beautiful poem. thanks for sharing.

suchsimplepleasures said...

that is beautiful! i'm reading a bunch of your blog...i like it! i like how you write things like a letter!! but...i can't read anymore...my son is telling me he hates me and i'm an idiot so...this idiot just wants to tell you...thanks for visiting my blog and, i look forward to getting to know you better!

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