Hello every one!
So the New Year is in full swing, and I am still trying to find a place for all of our Christmas gifts. I, like many of you, have so much to do now that the Holidays are over. Just when I thought the madness was over I realized that I still have to gather some of my daughters neglected toys from past Christmas's and get them to our local charity. Then, I have to get some of my husband's and my old clothes that no longer fit and also take them to our charity. But you know, there are some things I can never get rid of. Every one in my family knows that I love getting great smelling lotions, bath gels/soaps, and perfumes as gifts. I have this thing about smelling good. I really think it helps set a great impression of yourself, and smells always trigger the memory faster. I guess I always want to be remembered. This year I had been dropping some major hints to my husband that I wanted some more of one of my favorite perfumes that I had used every drop of. Beautiful by Estee Lauder, has to be one of the most wonderful smelling perfumes out there. It really smells like its name, BEAUTIFUL. So, my husband must have caught on to some of those hints that I so cleverly dropped. You know, the ones where you say, "Hey, honey, I want some more perfume for Christmas, you know the one I love, BEAUTIFUL BY Estee Lauder." What? You didn't think I would actually hint, if you know men, which most of you do, You should know that men do not process subtle hints very well. If you are not straight forward with them you may just get some completely freaky gift, like an all gold disco looking shirt 3 sizes to big with matching pants to boot. So back to my story. My hubby knows that anything by Estee Lauder is not cheap. You cant find this at your local Wal-mart or drug store. You usually have to go to the mall and find it in a department store. So he went online and researched this perfume just to see how much he was going to have to shell out, when he stumbled upon a great web site called beautyencounter.com. He found a treasure trove of name brand perfumes and makeup which I also love but never actually get to wear. Low and behold he found my favorite perfume and better yet, he bought the right one! WEll, I have to give him credit, My hubby is not your average Joe. He actually listens. At least when it comes to gift giving. I think his awesome ability to get and give great gifts stems from his childhood. He had a rather tough childhood. His brother and him never received gifts for Christmas, or birthdays. They were not part of some religion that doesn't celebrate these occasions, and they were not poor. On the contrary. His parents were Christians/Catholics, they both have quite a few rent houses and they worked full time, so they had money. His parents were just TIGHT WADS! They were and are the most greedy people in the world, aside from Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge himself. I mean, they never got them even a cheep toy or candy from the dollar store, they got nothing! Any way thats a whole 'nother story. Ok, back to my story. So, He researched and found my perfume and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I love it! And knowing that he got it off of this website makes it that much easier to enjoy. You see beautyencounter.com has all these name brand perfumes and cosmetics for sale at a fraction of the price of those you would find at your local department store. I don't have to feel guilty that he spent so much money on me for a bottle of perfume. I love getting great deals on products. I mean I like nice things, but I'm not really comfortable with spending more than you have to on them. I was so excited about this website that
I wanted to let you all know about this site, so you too can get a new perfume or cosmetic and feel like the name of my new gift, BEAUTIFUL! Go check out this website, you may get a case of a mental disorder which I like to call Perfumania. It is only harmful to your health if you spend way too much money on perfumes at a department store and not at beautyencounter.com. Make sure you come back here and leave me a comment when you find your perfect perfume they have tons to choose from. Below is a list of some of the names they carry. You can get there through any of the links in this post. I have also put the links with the list below

Here are just some of the names they carry
Este Lauder
Christian Dior

Here are some links to get you right to the web site
fragrancex at Beautyencounter
sephoria at Beautyencounter


JELLY said...

I love, love, love Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I'm into sweet smelling perfumes.

I received a gift set of Calvin Cline fragrances for Christmas (which a certain someone who's known me for 10 years knows I don't wear), so I took it back and got some cute shoes.

JELLY said...

oops, that Calvin Klein...damn I knew I spelled that wrong. Oh well!

MelissaQ said...

You should have re-gifted,j/k hahaha

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