Oh NO! I was TAGGED!
I mean, Oh how cool, I was tagged by my blogpal Amanda.
Many of you know that I am new to blogging, so it is only natural that I have no idea what being Tagged means. When Amanda told me that she tagged me, I had to go to her blog and find out just what this was. I hoping it wasn't some kind of bad review on how bad my blog is. hahaha. Actually I know Amanda wouldn't do that, or I should say that I havent given her a reason to do that. YET! Hahaha, Just kidding.
So lets get to the point. I know some of you are probably wondering what being TAGGED means.
As I was reading on Amanda's blog, it simply means you were shown some LOVE, and your link was added to their post for the world to see, then you get asked to answer four questions, when you finish answering it is your turn to TAG someone Else's blog. I actually am honored to have been tagged. Sometimes I wonder if what I write actually gets read, or if it is just entered into an Internet oblivion never to be seen again. So here are my answers to the four questions, and I would like to warn some of My readers to look out, you may be TAGGED next.

1. What did you accomplish this past week?

Well let me see. As a mother I am one that accomplishes everything I set out to accomplish. Maybe not right away, but I do, eventually. hahaha. Last week was my baby daughters FIRST birthday, so my Eight year old daughter baked a cake for her baby sis. Let me say that she is a wonderful baker. She dint even get that many egg shells in the cake this time. :o)
Actually I'm joking, she did a great job. My husband and I probably enjoyed the cake more than the baby who proceeded to spit it all out with a look of disgust on her face. Maybe she didn't like lemon cake.. I managed to convince my 8 year old that the baby didn't mean anything by that, and that baby's are just born rude. hahaha. I also was able to tap into the writer in me and write a poem, and a short story for a website that pays me to write. Leave me you email if you want an official invite from that web site, I get paid a couple of cents for every person who I invite.

2. Did anything not go as expected?

I can honestly say that every thing went as expected, WRONG, haha. As all of us mothers know, when you have children all plans have to be extremely flexible or you will be unpleasantly surprised. Nothing dramatic happened though. Just Like Amanda said in her answer, I expect that things will not go as expected.

3. What was the highlight of your week?

Again, the highlight of my week, last week was my baby girls First birthday. We had cake and a few gifts for her. We watched her as she tried to figure out how to unwrap the gift that were trapped underneath all that darn paper. Her big sis helped her unwrap them, which made them both happy. The baby was finally able to get that pesky paper off of her toys, and her big sister was able to help and not feel left out. To see them both so happy made me happy, and when MOMMY is happy, Every one is Happy!

4. Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect?

Nope. Like Amanda said and I will say, and I'm sure other mothers will say. I expect a certain amount of excitement, albeit I EXPECT a SMALL amount of excitement, because I'm a closet perfectionist and I always believe that I have everything right where I want it. oops did I just out myself...hahaha

And now here are MY tags. I don't have very many, but I hope you all visit them. I think you will enjoy them. I know I do.

Amanda at allaboutthegreen.blogspot.com

Angelica at

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