Good Monday morning!
I actually don't know what is so good about Mondays but, I'll deal with it anyway, Hahaha.

I wanted to let you all know about my new Adventure in Blogdome. I have started a new blog. I call it, "what we had for dinner last night." In this blog I'm going to let you all in on what goes on in the confines of my kitchen durring dinner time. This includes what I made for dinner and some of the wacky things that my family does durring this time. The blog is not completed as of yet, but if you want to take a sneak peak you can click on this link to take a look at the future of "What we had for dinner last night."

In the mean time I wanted to share another poem that came to me in the late hours of the night. I added it to the website that pays me to write. If you want to know what website that is, leave your email address in my comment box, and I will send you the official invite to this website. The website is free to join and usually holds writting contest that pay out more money than is usually offered to regular articles. You should check it out for more money making opportunities.

BEWARE, for some reason I went a little gloomy in this poem. I think it was because I was alone, every one was asleep including my hubby, and it was almost midnight, and it was dark, and I might have been a little afraid of the dark. Just dont tell anyone about that part. hehehe :o)

I think of you

In the evening when all is still
I think of you
When all the noise that clutters my head is quieted
I think of you
I want you to know that
I need you here right now
I have so much to share with you now
The thought of you is like the gentle breeze that surrounds me now
the breeze that is moving the clouds above me right now
I think of you
From the depths of my soul I long for the warmth of you
Like the sun in the sky it radiated from you
I think of you
How could you possibly know what I think of you
for when I whisper these things there is only the memory of you
I think of you
Like a volcano, anger boils inside me when I think of you
I cant stand it when I think of what took you from me
At times this pain grows like a flame that no one can see
Can you hear me
I think of you
The tears that flow from my eyes are the only things that show an inkling
of the scar that I hide deep within me
it continues to ache in me
I think of you
Would you like to know when
I think of you when there is no soul in sight
It is much easier then,
that’s when I cry
My tears flow much more freely then
The pain is unbearable then
I think of you then
I think of you
Do you think of me?



Amanda said...

Hi Melissa,
Your latest poem is deep. I'm looking forward to more of your new blog. Also, I wanted to let you know that I have officially tagged you in my post today, so go read about it at my blog! Have a great day!!

Chismosa said...

I think I'm going to see if I can find the few poems i wrote and see what you think. I try to hard sometimes and can't get the words out right. I think you have a lot of talent.

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