Hello Every one, Its Friday, finally.
It seems like this week was extra long.
I wanted to remind every one that Sunday, November 11th is Veterans Day.
There are so many holidays Americans celebrate that are nowhere near as important as this one. I mean, really, Boss's day? Why should any one celebrate boss's day? Doesn't any one that has a boss, celebrate her/him every day just by showing up to work, and better yet, finishing the job? Or what about secretary's day? I'm sorry, but I have filed papers, and have fetched coffee for a few bosses in my time. I really don't think its that hard of a job that I needed my own holiday. Tiring maybe but not difficult.
But, Veterans day, now there is a day that we all take as just another Sunday in November. We don't celebrate this day the way we used to a few decades ago.
Think about it for a minute, actually it deserves more than a minute. What ever your stance is on the ongoing war in Iraq, Veterans day is very important to all Americans. Every American has to acknowledge whether they agree with war or not, that wars have shaped the way we live every day. For any one to have the freedom to agree or disagree with war is a gift from our Veterans.
Wars are an important part of American history. Beginning with the Revolutionary War in in 1775 that led up to our Nations Independence on July 4th 1776.
Take Iraq for example, what did Saddam do to any citizen that voiced their opinion? He murdered them. He had any one that disagreed with him or his dictatorship brutally murdered and shown off as an example to the rest of the citizens who may nave been tempted to speak up. Take Mexico as another example. Sure, in Mexico democratic elections are held, but there is so much corruption that festers there, hidden away behind government walls. Citizens riot because they have no trust in their government. The corruption in Mexico has mad that country become week and unsafe to live in. If it wasn't for the strength and protection of the USA, Mexico could easily be overthrown. I know, what you may be thinking. You are thinking that our country has its share of corrupt government official. I agree. Some have been caught and tried for their crimes. Some, unfortunately know how to hide and may never be caught. But in America, the ones that are caught are dealt with and they go to prison. Not in other countries, their crimes are swept under the rug, or worse. Africa, China, N. Korea are just a few examples of the very reason our Soldiers fight. They fought for our Independence,they fought for the freedom of slaves, and they fight so that we can continue to be safe and FREE. It is a nice thought to try and talk to other countries before we fight, but other countries are not going to change their social views. Other countries only know fighting as communication. What good is talking our way out of a fight while we are being hit? Look, I do see that there are some instances when we need to mind our own business and sty out of other peoples problems. We can not help those who don't want to be helped. But nonetheless Veterans day is not a day to focus on the ongoing war, its time to focus on The Men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice for us. We cant say, "well, they would have never died if we didn't go to war." Well maybe not, but what freedom would we have if they didn't fight for us. Our Veterans have sacrificed beyond belief so that we can all have our own opinion. I honor them today, Sunday, and always.

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