Tips on how to find a great Mechanic

Are you tired of looking for a mechanic that is honest and great at what they do? As a wife if an automotive technician, I think I have a few helpful hints in helping you find the right mechanic. What is one of the first things that any professional must attain before they can earn the respect and business of their consumers? The answer is a license. In the case of a mechanic or "automotive technician", they need certifications. There is one certification that is a sure sign of a knowledgeable automotive tech. The coveted ASE certification is unsurpassed in the automotive field. ASE stands for automotive service excellence. When a mechanic has an ASE certification behind them, you can be sure that they have taken extensive exams that test their knowledge of anything and everything automotive. These tests are difficult and require two years of hands on experience and many hours of studying in order to even come close to passing them. According to the ASE website, "approximately one out of three test takers fail." ASE test are available for every area of expertise for example, my husband has three certifications respectively, one in manual transmissions, one in engine repair and rebuilding, and the third in brakes. This leads me to another tip for finding a qualified technician. You should know that ASE techs will almost always to carry their credentials with them, the credentials will look like a license and it will list their exact areas of expertise. You should also look for very visible signs either on windows or walls. Employers pay ASE techs top dollar for their expertise, so you can be sure that they will proudly display the ASE symbols where and when ever possible. An ASE technician will more than likely wear an ASE patch or a pin. These patches and pins are forms of credentials because they can not be bought; they must be earned after passing the exams given. Any one that would go to such lengths to earn an ASE behind their name takes pride in what they do, and will be a lot less likely to risk losing their credibility in the automotive field. I suggest that next time you need your vehicle repaired look for the ASE symbol, it is a symbol of pride and excellence. If you would like more information on just what it takes to be an ASE certified technician you can go to ASE.com. The web site has more information for anyone who is interested in knowing what ASE stands for or anyone who might be interested in becoming an ASE certified technician themselves.

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