How you can help end Hunger right here in America

As major media giants post their obligatory one minute story about the
hunger crisis in Africa, or the famine in other third world countries, the one
country that always seemed to be left off of the list is our very own, The United
States of America. Although hunger in any part of the world is a terrible crisis,
this is the one place that we all fail to look.
No one ever thinks about their neighbor or their neighbor's children as
being hungry. We all seem to notice the car that our neighbors drive or the house
that they live in and use that as the mark of wealth. We would rather believe that
if they are not living in a cardboard box, or walking to work that they must not
have any problems making ends meat. But don't be fooled by appearances.
Along with rising interest rates, energy and oil rates are hitting staggering
highs, making cooling your home or driving to work an expensive commodity. As the
country's real estate market is in a downward spiral into the abyss, more and more
people are losing their homes. Many homes are being lost to foreclosure due to
rising or adjustable interest rates. The very same adjustable interest rates that
lured them into buying that new house is now catching up to many unsuspecting
people. With no way to pay their mortgage much less their electric bill many of
these people are having to make a difficult decision. People are having to decide
whether to pay the bills so that can have a roof over their head for just one more
month or buy groceries. Believe it or not many people chose to pay bills rather
than buy groceries. Many people have no choice when there are children involved
because the street is no place to raise children. Many people continue their
struggles hoping that they can still depend on the generosity of others for food.
Many food banks struggle during the summer to provide food for the needy, because
donations drop dramatically.We should all be aware of the epidemic that quietly plagues this country. It may be your neighbors who depends dearly on the neighborhood food bank. People
young and old are suffering from hunger as you read this. Make a difference in
someone's life. If you can just buy one can of food, and set it aside every time you
go to the grocery store, by the end of the month you could possibly have a few weeks
worth of food for one person or a weeks worth of food for a small family. Simply
Take your extra cans of food and donate to your neighborhood food bank now and all
year. You can also check out this Angel food ministries an organization that
devotes themselves to ending hunger by providing a weeks worth of food to any and
all people in need. www.angelfoodministries.com. Don't forget you can also go to
the red cross's web site www.redcross.org

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