My daughter, my love and her birthmark

This morning I noticed that my little girl (6 years old) kept tugging at her t-shirt making it ride up high on the back of her neck. I asked her why, she said because she doesn't want people looking "at it" ( it being the one inch, perfect circle, dark birthmark she has on her back, right above the shirt line. Her eyes started to tear up and I asked her why she cries about a birthmark that God created? I asked her if anyone makes fun if it, she said no ...but they always ask her what it is. She said she hates it. I asked her, would you tell God to his face that you hate what he made and that he messed up?
She said no. I told her that through out the history of the world, the circle was and is the symbol of never ending perfection. She stopped crying. I showed her all of the birthmarks on my arms, some of which match hers perfectly. Then I left it alone for a minute, and at the bus stop I asked her if she's ok now, she smiled and said yeah. Just to make sure, I asked her what's on her back, she said with confidence "a perfect circle." Mission accomplished. She's armed now, armed with knowing that she is perfect just the way God made her.

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