Plantar fasciitis sucks!

So, we've got one week of summer break before I have to send my two daughters to school. My eldest daughter will begin high school, and my middle daughter will begin 1st grade, and my 2 year old son, well, he gets to stay home with me a little longer. Can I just say that I'm stunned just reading the words I'm typing. It still does not feel real that summer break is over and that my girls re getting older. Sigh! 

So with only one week left and the excitement in our household brewing like a pot of tea, fate had to butt in and deal me a card that I absolutely did not expect or welcome!  I have acquired the debilitating foot problem called plantar fasciitis. Oh, but wait, don't let that name fool you. If you don't know what this plantar fasciitis thing is and you are at all athletic, you may want to look into it. 

It's a painful, and I mean PAINFUL foot problem that I may actually enjoy wishing it on my worst enemy. 
Ok, so I'll break it down for you as simply as I can, considering I'm no doctor. What I've read so far is that It's a tear or multiple tears in the tendon that runs below your heel and into your toes. The part below the heel, is usually the area that gets the most strain from exercising or running or any type of strenuous pressure applied to it. 

I recently joined a gym and that's exactly what I've done to this tendon. I've joined almost all of the high impact cardio group classes in hopes of losing some of this extra baby weight. Well, no one ever told me that at my age, (mid 30's) that my tendons, and yes yours too, will weaken and be more susceptible to tears. 

So, needless to say, I've been sidelined. I can hardly walk. I am in so much pain that the thought if going down stairs to feed my kids tomorrow morning makes my stomach turn. 

I've gotta make sure that I remember to gently stretch my foot every morning before I get out of bed or this darn thing will rip over and over and never heal. 
It's such a pain in my ass.. I mean heel. 

So today's lesson people, is, stretch before and after work outs, wear the proper shoes for your foot type and activity type, and lastly... Stretch!!! 

I'm going to try and sleep through this pain now, oh because I didn't mention that the two ibuprofen that I took an hour ago, and that are downstairs, are NOT working!!

Night night, & don't let the foot pain bite! 

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