It's been a hectic first few weeks of summer vacation. 

The kids are now enrolled in the library reading program and are as excited as I am. Reading keeps my 6 year old busy for a good hour and sometimes even two. 

My 2 year old loves to be read to, and guess what, his two big sisters love to read to him, and so do I. That usually buys me another couple of hours. 

I joined a gym so that's also keeping me away from writing in my lovely blog. 
I finally made up my mind that I can't be the fat friend anymore. I joined Lady of America. I really like it there. There's no pressure amongst the fellow lady gym rats. Best of all there are no awkward moments where you catch a man checking you out while you work your back fat away. 

So anyway. That's my adventure so far this summer. It's no big deal. 

Thanks for reading. By the way this wasn't an endorsement for that gym. It really is the place I joined and I'll keep you posted on any weigh loss. Which is actually coming along. I'm down 6 pounds. So wish me luck. 

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