First Food truck and it was like a shark feeding frenzy!

This Saturday marked my food trucks two year anniversary and we got to celebrate at the same event where it all began. And best of all in our home town!

It was a sentimental moment, but it lasted just that..... A moment, because as soon as I got to the guys at the truck I had only a moment to say hi to a sweet friend and then get strait to work. And once I started I never stopped.

The line was so long that it was so hard keeping up. People were coming in droves! It was truly like a shark feeding frenzy, except not violent and with manners, this is Texas after all.

We did amazingly well! Its such a great feeling and its so funny cause since our debut my husband and I have laughed as we tease each other about chasing the dragon; the best event turn out dragon that is.

Well, we did it. We caught that dragon but then we did it Texas style; we hog tied it flipped it upside down and smacked it on the ass with a big yeeehaw!

I'm still exhausted from the 7 straight hours of non stop cooking. I'm pretty sure my grammar and punctuation is terribly off.... but when is it not? Haha!

Oh well, I'm not here to take my English exam am I.?!? Haha

Thanks for stopping by and checking me out.

Come find me on Facebook at larositatacos. You'll find more pics of our evens and food there.

Hope to see you there.

Now off to soak my feet... They are still throbbing!

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