Coffee time = relaxing time or does it?

Ever since I was a teen I loved Starbucks coffee. (not a paid advertisement by the way)
At least once a week I would have to get me an iced coffee and as you probably already know, they are not cheap.  I would justify the cost of the coffee for getting the best quality. I'm sure that holds true today, BUT,  as a mother of three I really can't afford  to spend that kind of money....daily.
Back then, once a week was enough, these days I drink coffee every morning. I need it and I know if you are reading this and you have kiddos, you totally understand and I dont have to go into further detail.

So I started buying my coffee in a nice red container from the grocery store. I also buy the yummy fancy creamers but, sometimes its just not enough. Sometimes, what I really want it to hold one of those paper cups with the plastic lid and the skinny stir straw. Something about holding that cup that makes the coffee experience what it is. To me its part of the whole relaxing after running around taking the kids to school. 

As a matter of fact, I don't feel like a true blogger unless I have my coffee next to me as I type.

The good thing about having a coffee addiction is that as long as its sweet and hot and creamy, I'm happy getting my cup at the gas station around the corner.

Oh what? (smiling and rolling my eyes) Don't be put off by the gas station. They are actually pretty yummy and VERY INEXPENSIVE compared to the big coffee giant mentioned above.

What is funny is that the TV is on as I type and I hear a story about a study that was done that shows that women who drink 4-6 cups of coffee a day/week, reduce their risk of endometrial cancer...by a certain percent...kinda missed that small point as I tried to type this post. lol. I'm sure you can look it up, after all it was a medical study and it was on the local news, what could be wrong with that?

Well,  I think I will end this random post because as I write this I am beginning to actually see what an addict I really am. I mean, you could totally replace the word coffee with cigarette, or beer bottle or other ungodly things. Whoa!

I need help. I need.... I need a refill on my coffee.


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