New Adventure Tuesday

Its time for my new adventure. I'm going to call it - things I never thought I'd say Tuesday-

So for the first instalment of TINTIST -  Don't be alarmed, once you start reading, you will understand why I decided to start this.

1.  Me to Baby girl (age 5)- get the pizza rolls out of the laundry hamper!
(baby girl responds- ok, but my sock puppet is hungry)

2. Me to Big girl  (age unknown)- why are you brushing your teeth while you pee?
(big girl responds- Well you told me to use my time wisely.)

3. Me to Baby boy (age 13months)- don't wipe poop (from his full diaper) on my wall with your toy car!
(baby boy responds- with screams and cries, since he's only 1 and doesn't really talk yet)

And this was just by 7:30 am.
More adventures to come soon.................. after school I'm sure.


Jelly said...

That's just terrible - but I am cracking up over here!!!!

Jelly said...

That is awful - but I'm cracking up over here!!!!

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