Food Truck is getting busy

WOW! We have just booked two events in March. One is in Arlington Texas, on March 16-18. The next is March 24 in the city of Watauga TX.

We are so excited to get going. This winter break has been way too long! I hope you all (Texans of course, since the rest of you may have a long trip to make) can come out and join La Rosita at these exciting events.

The Arlington event looks to be pretty big. They are expecting 20,000 people. WHOA! I cant wait. We will have a limited menu at that event per request of the event organizers, but it will still be every bit as yummy.

The event in Watauga is a lot smaller, since it is a smaller town BUT, the town is very nice. And we are just as excited to be there as we are for any of our events.

I feel, that if I can make one or two people in every town we visit happy with my food then I have accomplished my goal. Happiness.

So wish us luck. I'll be posting more as the event gets closer. In the mean time, please come and find us on FACEBOOK. We would like to hit 100 likes by the time we show up to these events. So spread the word. You dont have to live in Texas or come and see us in person to LIKE us on FB. If you just like reading or checking out food truck adventures then our page is for you.

Thank you so much! I hope to see you in person or even just as a friend online.

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