In the medical field most employees are required to wear scrubs. I need not explain why. This is just the way it is.  So, my good friend which will remain nameless came over to visit before going off to her double 16 hour shift. She is an LVN (licensed vocational nurse) studying to be an RN.  She was wearing her same old tired and very worn scrubs.  I teased her a bit about the scrubs and when she left I thought about getting her a new pair for her birthday in a few months.

I did some research and found this great website with the nicest looking nursing uniforms I have ever seen. I know your probably thinking, what could be so great about scrubs? Well, usually not much.  But this site is not your usual scrub site you know the kind that offers the plain boring patterns, the outdated shapes pattern, and for those dealing with children you usually have the cartoon pattern which I personally like.

So the site I ran into is called Bluesky.com. They have the most comfortable and sophisticated looking scrubs I have ever seen. The look just screams quality. But get this, Bluesky.com not only offers scrubs but they offer custom made scrubs. Yes they make them just the way you want them. They also have mens medical scrubs and scrubs children and best of all, they have accessories. There is always time to accessorize! They have scrub caps, jackets and t-shirts as well.  Honestly,  I have yet to decide which scrub set I will order for my dear friend they have such great choices to chose from.

What I do know is that right now they are offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $115. Not too bad I say. I may even order my self a pair and use them as pajamas!

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