Ok this is a re-post. I heard that there were some people out there who didn't get a chance to see where this fantastic website is that helps people find jobs. Please read, (the link is at the end if you don't feel like reading the entire thing.) For those of you who have stopped by from MYLOTT, Thank you so much. Your link is at the bottom of this post and please feel free to look around to at some of the links and buttons on the sides of my pages. These are some of the site that pay me. ( I ONLY endorse those sites who have actually sent me checks.) Some are surveys, and some are just ptr not ptc (I don't like PTC sites). PTR= Paid to READ emails. It takes a while to make some money from the 2ptr sites, but they DO pay, I have already cashed out twice and gotten two checks for about 30 dollars each, so please check them out. Good luck and keep me posted on your outcome.

Will it never stop? The rain is just coming down here in North Texas. Sure we need it but my curls are suffering, I am losing the war against frizz. UGh. Oh well, I hear we need the rain desperately, they say we are in a drought. Who is they you ask, They is the local weather men and women.

Ok, so my point today is to refresh some of your memories of a website that was created by Tory Johnson a Good Morning America regular. She created a web site for women who want or NEED to work from home. It also has a ton of resources for those of you who may be looking to get a job in the actual workforce and do the whole commute thing.

I hope you all look into this web site it is LEGITIMATE and best of all it is FREE.
Take a look and please let me know if you all have any luck, it will help my ego if I knew that I was able to help at least one person start earning income.


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Amazon Quick Cash said...

Hey Melissa

Just wanted to thank you for this great resource--checked it out a little while ago and it looks very promising and helpful. I would have probably never known about it if you hadn't posted about it--don't watch much t.v.! Anyway, thanks again.


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