REALLY? Is this what the world has come to? Or should I ask, IS this where the world is STILL, wading in the filth of prejudice, and seeming to enjoy it?

let me explain what the RANT you are about to read is about.

I have a Daughter in 4th grade. She is ONLY 10 years old. She has been pretty sheltered. I have taught her since birth that first and foremost she is to be a Christian, love all people, and accept NO insults to your intellect, the FACT that you are a FEMALE, the color of your skin, the roots of your family tree, or the wonderful FACT that the blood that runs hot through your veins is what makes you a third generation Mexican AMERICAN.

Despite my 10 year old being a straight A student, a wonderful little girl, rarely gets in "trouble" at school and when she does it always for her being a friendly little chatter box. It devastates her when her name is written on the board, she immediately comes home and confesses her crimes.

This being said, yesterday she came home and told me that she was being silly with her friend in class, making faces and being silly while the teacher stepped out the classroom for a couple of minutes to talk to another teacher. As she was being silly, a boy told her she was dumb and told her to "just SHUT UP YOU MEXICAN!"

WHAT (THE F..... I almost said it, but I did NOT.) "Why? Why did he say that to you." I asked her in shock. She said "I don't know. He's really mean." "UH YEAH, I can see that" I tell her. So immediately I email her teacher explain to her that I WILL NOT tolerate anyone talking and saying racial things of ANY KIND to my child, and that I EXPECT something to be done about it.

So today, the principal pulls my daughter into her office and asks her what happened. Well, while she was talking to her she somehow made my daughter feel that by telling this little booger of a boy to SHUT UP that my daughter was in the wrong.

This coming from and African American Principal. I wondered to myself why she of all people wouldn't take this type of thing serious. So of course this floored me when my big girl told me, whats worse is that when I got up to get my phone so I could call this woman up for an explanation, my daughter began to cry. She told me that she just wants this to be over and that she does not want to go to the principal's office again. I asked her why, "did you lie about something, why?", "no" she said, "I just couldn't remember if I told him to shut up or not so I just said yes to her cause she said that Lying is bad, and she better not find out that I was lying." WHAT? WHAT? "Ok that's it, I'm calling this BI---- BIG fat crazy woman up right now." "You are not at fault here, and even if you did tell this boy to shut up, Somehow I think that him saying that to you is FAR worse." So I called her up and we hashed it out. Of course she didn't admit to intimidating my child but I am furious nonetheless. How can this STILL be happening in America? I guess I am just dreaming if I think that racism will eventually end.

I am just dumbfounded! I don't even know what to say besides PRAY, pray for the future which is in the hand of children like him.
Is this the legacy we are leaving the world? We are teaching our kids that its ok to call other children names and not just names like... you dumd doodoo head, or you smell like a frog face, kind of names. NO, our kids are using RACIAL slurs. I have to say that it is SAD, really really sad.

The bright side to all of that is, that the future of this country and this world is also in the hands of children like my daughter, so you see, there is a ray of HOPE after all.

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AngelBaby said...

I have to say that I thought that things were getting better. I guess not and that is really sad. I was raised it a family of bigots and I turned out the opposite because I could never understand why people called others such awful names and treated them so bad. We are all the same. I don't know where I got that from but most of my brothers and my sister felt the same way. Bigotry never made sense to us. I am sorry your daughter had to go through this.

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Love and Blessings,

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