Have I ever mentioned how much I love Texas? Well, I do, I love that Texas has every type of landscape that you can imagine. It has mountains, prairies, plains, a dry desert, lush pinny forest, swamps and beaches. This being said the weather, is one thing that will probably always drive me insane. To say that the weather in North Texas is insane would be an understatement. Last week I had ice sculptures in my yard and today I can walk out side in sandals and shorts. I wont though, because all of my summer clothes are put away. Although it drives me crazy, I am never surprised at the sudden changes in weather. You would think that I was born a Texan by the way I rave about our climate, well, I'm not a native Texan that's for sure. Oddly enough I am what Texans call a Yankee transplant. I was born In Chicago and I only lived there a very short time after I was born. I have visited my home state, and think that the city of my birth is spectacular and by far much more amazing than LITTLE ole Dallas. The enormity of the City of Chicago always takes my breath away. I often wonder what my life would be like had I been raised there. But, let me tell you when I see the news and they report that Chicago is under blizzard warnings, and three or more feet of snow and temperatures are below zero, my wondering quickly turns into gratitude. Grateful that my mom chose to leave that wonderful city where she was born and raised, and move to Texas with her husband, my father. The rest is history.

Ok, so today I wrote a poem. Its for a valentines day compilation that a certain website is creating for the day of love. I hope you all go and read it, and please let me know what "ya" think. It took me about an hour to come up with and write, so its a little rough around the edges but, I still thinks its pretty good. CLICK HERE to go straight to the poem.
And I would like to take a moment to pray for my family that still lives in Chicago and some who have moved to nearby Indiana. I hope that although the weather may be unforgivably cold, that the warmth of the love we have for them even at such distances wraps around them like a blanket.
I love you and miss you all


Anonymous said...

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Buddha said...

I was just browsing the internet in search of intelligent life and I stopped to say hello!
I am also in search of few good friends ;)
Love, Peace and Prosperity!

PS: Great pix!

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