Ok so its been an extremely long time since I have posted a word in my blog. I actually had a day off today so I had a chance to drop in and say HI! Im still here, I still check in and check my messages, its just really hard to work and blog.

I have a great web site that has a lot of EXTREMELY helpful links to help people in need find work. Its called "The Great American Job Fair". Tory Johnson who is a Good Morning America staple has been of great help to many Americans mostly women be able to find work and better yet, find work that you can do from home. Tory has made sure that all the work that is posted there are in NO WAY get rich quick scams.

One job that I tried for a while was working from home for a company called Alpine services. Its a customer service telephone answering service. You have to make sure you have a home phone and obviously a pc, also a head set(which is inexpensive) to answer the calls easier.

I ended up having to quit this job due to my new baby. You have to make sure when you have this type of job that you have a quiet office, which I no longer had. It didn't pay much but it was a steady pay check.

My point is that theses jobs are legitimate, and are very helpful for mothers or parents who want or NEED to stay home with their children. The hours vary so, many people can actually apply and ask for night time hours when all the daily noise of our precious children has subsided.

I want to give this GIFT to all of you out there who are perhaps looking for some type of work you can do from home due to children, injury, or disability.

and you will be taken straight to the website that has helped many women find work

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