Ok so, I posted on my other page. I'm trying to draw more visitors there while I post about regular every day run of the mill stuff, you know like elections, the antics of my children and updates on my survey earnings. Although my camera has been found by one super sleuth, I have yet to take pictures of my checks that are steadily rolling in because, (taking a deep breath to spit out the following) I took it along on an outing with my husbands only brother and his wife and their only baby daughter(for now, there is another one on the way, soon my two girls will have two cousins that I hope they have the opportunity to grow up and grow close with)and I was busy taking lots of pictures in an attempt to make up for photo opps lost due to a Stolen...I mean misplaced camera, then of course I forgot it in my truck, which the hubby takes to work, and when the truck is here in my drive way, I still forget about it, due to my self diagnosed MADD,
M.A.D.D stands for...Mommy Attention Deficit Disorder. So as I type this with one hand and a sleeping baby in my other arm, I ask you to please forgive the typos and lack of punctuation. Missing or misplaced punctuation drives me crazy, but there isn't much I can do about it at the moment, so please excuse the mess. Go HERE to read this mornings POST and to get your daily dose of my rants, its your patriotic duty.
Talk to you all again soon. (letting out that deep breath, natural color slowly returning)

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