I have great news. I was just AWARDED with my very FIRST award. A sweet Angel came to visit my sites left me a very intriguing message that she has something for me. She has awarded me with an E for Excellent blog award. I'm honored, and thankful. BUT, I'm not sure which blog the E is for, so, I'm going to add the award to both of my blogs, because I think they are both Excellent. I guess you can say Im a praise seeking blogger. HAHAHA.
I wrote a little more about this and another gift that Angelbaby left me on her blog, on my other blog click HERE to get there now. I have to go now, I have a ton of things to do. I have an interrogation of a 1 year old baby, I have many, many money filled surveys to attend to. I also wrote about the interrogation on my other blog, its very serious, I hope you all go and read it. I think I could use some baby interrogation tips and techniques from some of you.
I'd better go the suspect needs a p.d. change. (p.d.= poopy diaper)
Talk to you all again soon. Wish me luck.

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