Hi every one,
I only have a short post today. I have a very sick baby (who is finally sleeping for the moment) so I wont be on very much today, if at all.
BUT, I found a blog site a few weeks ago that I think is absolutely beautiful, I will be putting a link to her site in this post. The site is about art and music, two of my favorite things. The site has more of modern day, contemporary art, but I cant say that is all she has on her site. I actually haven't had a chance to look at every piece of art she has on there. Go check her out, Its called music is art. As soon as you enter her page you are overwhelmed with a beautiful shade of purple, and some of the most interesting pieces of work I have ever seen. If you feel like looking at a very pretty and well made blog site go check out music is art just click any of the links in this post. It also doesn't hurt that her template is PURPLE my favorite color.
Have a great Day "Ladies"!

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