Hello Every one, Happy Monday.
I hope every one had a great weekend.
This week is going to be a busy week. Thanksgiving is always a great time for us. I really look forward to it. I know what you may be thinking. You are probably thinking that I'm crazy while your stressing out about the family coming in from out of town, and their children who will be sure to turn your house into what will look like ground zero of an F5 tornado. Or those certain visitors that always seem to come empty handed and with a few extra guest they forgot to tell you about. Your not looking forward to burning the rolls, or drying out that turkey.
Aside from all of that, I like to look at the bright side of things. Instead of dreading the mess and the uninvited guest, I remember those who don't have any one to come over and visit to make a mess. I think of those people who have chosen to cut them selves off from the world and their family and rather be alone during the holidays. I look at the homeless person on the corner and wonder when if ever has he had a home cooked meal? I think of the battered women who had to flee their home in the middle of the night with their children in tow, trying not to think of the holidays that their children will not be having this year while they hold their tears back and hide their bruises. I think of the elderly and disabled who's families preferred not to take care of them or simply couldn't take care of them and turned them over to the convalescent home. I try not to cry when I think of the people whom I miss so much it hurts. I miss my Father. It is painful not to have him around, but it is extremely painful not to be able to have him around on Thanksgiving and the rest of the Holidays. I miss my Grandfather who would have celebrated his 77th birthday this October, but was called to be with God 4 years ago. The pain of the cancer that took him from us sometimes seems to linger within me when I think of him not being here with us. I think of these people during the Holidays. And then I rejoice in the family and friends who are with me because one day they wont be, and all I will have is the wonderful memories of these special occasions. I hope that any one who reads this and is dreading the holidays takes the time to remember the meaning of the Holidays. Holidays are not about the turkey and dressing, they are not about the gifts and wrapping. The holidays are about being with the ones you love. Embracing their quirks, and remembering your own. Happy Thanksgiving!

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